Sailfish Fishing Charter Key West

Sailfish fishing charters in Key West are the perfect way to spend a day out on the water. We provide everything you need for an amazing fishing experience, so all you have to worry about is reeling in a big one!

Come experience the thrill of deep sea fishing in Key West. You’ll be able to catch sailfish, marlin, tuna and more – it’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Book your fishing charter today and let us show you what Sail fishing in Key West is all about!

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About Our Sailfish Fishing Charter in Key West, FL

Looking for a thrilling and unforgettable fishing experience? Look no further than our sailfish fishing charter in Key West! With our expert guides and state-of-the-art boats, you are sure to have a memorable time reeling in some of the most majestic sailfish in the world. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just looking to get out on the water and have some fun, our sailfish fishing charters are sure to provide you with an exciting and rewarding experience that you won’t soon forget.

sailfish fishing charters key west

What Is Sailfish Fishing?

Sailfish fishing is a popular sport fishing activity where participants fish for sailfish. Sailfish are a type of game fish that are known for their acrobatic jumps and speed. They are typically found in warm waters near the coast.

To go sailfish fishing, you’ll need a boat, some tackle, and some bait. The most common way to catch a sailfish is by trolling with live bait. Sailfish are powerful fighters and put up quite a fight when hooked, so be prepared to reel them in quickly!

What can you expect when booking a sailfish fishing charter in Key West?

When booking our sailfish fishing charter in Key West, you can expect to have an amazing time. The sailfish are known for their acrobatic jumps and are definitely a prized catch for any fisherman. They can be found in the tropical waters near Key West year-round, so you’ll have plenty of chances to reel one in.

Make sure to bring your sunscreen and hat, as the sun will be shining bright, and be sure to pack some snacks and drinks too – you’ll need them to keep your energy up while you’re out on the open water! And don’t forget your camera – you’ll want to capture all the memories of this incredible fishing trip.

How much does a sailfish fishing charter Key West cost?

Prices vary for our sailf fishing charters depending on the season, among other costs.

At Key West Fishing Charters, we understand that cost is an important consideration when planning a fishing trip. That’s why we strive to offer competitive prices all year round, regardless of the season or the number of people on board. Whether you are planning your trip well in advance or looking for last-minute deals, we have something to suit your needs and budget. So if you’re looking for an exciting and affordable sailfish fishing experience, be sure to contact us today!

All packages include:

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  • An experienced and knowledgeable captain

    Our captains have years of experience fishing in Key West and know all the best spots.

  • All necessary equipment

    We provide all the rods, reels, bait and tackle you need - just bring your sunscreen and drinks!

  • Live Bait and tackle

    We use only the best live bait to increase your chances of success.

  • A cooler with ice

    We'll keep your drinks cold and your fish fresh!

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